Video Submissions

Hello and welcome to the video and media page

We would like a minute or two of your time to send us a video clip of how you received a grant from OBCT and how it helped your business idea, so that we may use this to keep our website fresh and enthuse and enbolden forthcoming enterpreneurs.

Acknowledging how Oli’s trust supported your business, please promote your current business position if that is appropriate.

Thanks as always,


Here you will find advice and “how tos” for taking and sending us your recordings

Video, Audio, etc.

First and foremost, do not worry about editing!!

Send the material exactly as it is and we’ll make best use of it. Even if it’s in lots of little bits. Details about your work, especially things you create are well worth capturing on video, so go bananas. Don’t feel you have to make a video, an audio recording is good also and images of your work go well together

When you speak, be cool and don’t be in a rush. Make yourself heard!

You don’t have to record yourself in one take. Feel free to break it up into different moments or locations. Whatever’s comfortable. Animals and plants are always good for show too


Everyone knows how to record themselves… right? Well maybe not all of us. A good video is one shot with a steady hand or from a static location, no doubt about that. Hearing you speak will be easier without a dog barking right next to you, but if you think it adds colour, then so be it

For the actual recording use whatever works. Any mobile phone will do. Try to set it to the highest quality and/or make sure you and your subjects are well lit

But don’t worry too much about the details, it’s better to do than not do and you can take as many takes as you like! Just make sure you delete the ones you don’t like or you’ll run out of memory!!


The easiest way to send large digital objects is by sharing them using your existing platform (Apple Photos, Google Photos, etc.). If you are using a proper (video) camera, or don’t have a cloud connection for media, skip this section.

Sending with Cloud

From the mobile app, or from your PC, if your media (photos, video, voice memos) go straight into the cloud, then it’s shareable with us, with no extra effort. Apple definitely, Android very likely, others probably.

If so, share them with and we’ll get ’em!

Apple has two options. Select all the desired materials and hit the share icon, and then choose Copy iCloud link or Shared Album. iCloud link (in grey on the second row) creates a temporary album and copies the link as text. This means you just open your email, paste the link into it and send. Shared Albums are similar but is an “ongoing” share, meaning you can share more things to it later if you’ve anything left to add and we’ll get it automatically. Give the album a name and add the email above as the recipient. That’s it! Congrats!

Google allow you to share existing “albums”. Thus, collect your media as an album and then share the album with a link. You can send that link to us by email to the address above. Sorted!!!

Sending without Cloud

If you’re not using some awful cloud thing and just recording video on whatever device comes to hand then you’ll want to send that using a transfer service like

With a couple of clicks, their front page should show a small fillable form inviting you to add the email recipient (as above), your own email address and to select the file(s) in question. Seems easy, but there is a catch

If you have fibre internet, then you’ll be fine; even hefty video files won’t take long to send. If you’re on standard broadband, it will be painfully slow and may even fail half-way through!

There are many ways to skin this onion, so don’t despair. Get in touch with and we’ll figure out something really clever